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Ingenium Pro is an engineering design company specialized in several industrial sectors.

Engineering design includes all the information necessary to build a product, which can be a single object or a machine comprised of different objects that aim at making a specific operation or a finished product.

It is essential to know materials, production processes, tests and checks by integrating the electrical and electronic components able to ensure the correct operation of the product to be made.

Starting from the project specifications, we will achieve the required object in the best possible functional, economic and aesthetic ways.

The Team

Giovanni Barozzi
Giovanni BarozziFounder
Mechanical engineer, he has a great design experience in several industrial sectors, such as marine equipment in the Oil&Gas sector, tool machines, excavators, the production of iron and steel semi-finished products, equipment for the use in high and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) and high pressure equipment (up to 60000 PSI).
Paolo Seneca
Paolo SenecaMechanical designer
Mechanical engineer specialized in technical and quality sectors in international companies operating in the mechanical, automotive and thermal technical sectors

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