Ingenium Pro is mainly involved in 3D design. Starting from the client’s specifications, we are able to develop solutions that achieve the set target, regardless of whether we have to start from a blank piece of paper or develop a new product based on an existing product.
We develop solutions to solve our clients’ problems by meeting their needs with skillfulness and professionalism.

Mechanical design

Our experience at Ingenium Pro allows us to range from the designing of large steelwork structures to the smallest micromechanical details, whether using 3D or 2D modeling.

FEM analysis

Ingenium Pro can support design with the F.E.M. analysis.
The (Finite Elements Method) FEM analysis is carried out with software that allows to analyze the behavior of a component or a structure stressed by a static or dynamic load. These analyses make it possible to avoid the construction of several prototypes as they identify the critical areas and consequently make changes to the piece before starting production.

After making a 3D model with modelling software, we import the software dedicated to the F.E.M. analysis where we set the constraints and the degree of freedom that characterize the assembly of a component as well as the intensity and direction of the loads that rest on the component. Then the calculation mesh is defined and the geometry is divided in several finished elements shaped as tetrahedrons and hexahedrons; the mesh can be thicker in more critical areas to get more precise results.

The analysis is usually done for the elastic deformation, but there are types of software that allow analyses in plastic fields as well as fluid dynamic or thermodynamic analyses.

FMEA analysis

We, at Ingenium Pro, are able to support the client to prepare F.M.E.A. analysis, thanks to the support of our experienced technicians.
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a systematic, proactive method for evaluating a product or a process to identify where and how it might fail and to assess the relative impact of different failures or defects.

Main advantages:

  • Identifying the possible failures during the whole lifespan of a product or a process from its production to its use;
  • Identifying the causes of a failure;
  • Assessing the effects of the failures and the consequences for the client;
  • Assessing the risks;
  • Identifying suitable corrective/preventive actions;
  • Constant updated mapping of products or processes and their weak points;
  • Increasing in-house know-how.

Manuals and technical documents

Ingenium Pro can prepare the technical documentation to attach the project such as:

  • Technical manuals;
  • User manuals;
  • Exploded views;
  • conversion from 2D to 3D.

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